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25 Expression Meme- Rhythm by CanadianGothStalker 25 Expression Meme- Rhythm by CanadianGothStalker
yes got this done! because doing this for a good 4 hours didnt waste my time....

im a slow person dont judge me! jkjk im not that slow i was taking my time.

blank meme: [link]

i was brought to this whilst exploring (ehem stalking) a fellow deviant and found a zoro one. it was pretty damn funny your gunna have to read his comic to get the joke [link]

:bulletred: she has a pretty smile when she's not being retarded
:bulletorange: sad rhythm is sad, just like zoro on the meme. poor zoro
:bulletyellow: ooh who did something special for her? i like her side bun. i do that when im bored. when i had long hair i could play with it all day and night. now its all gone . . .. :iconokayguyplz:
:bulletgreen: she just looks more annoyed to me
:bulletblue: herp derp :iconderpplz:
:bulletpurple: are you sure thats not me? god i hate it when i wake up with a runny nose and have nothing to wipe it with so i have to lay their and sniff my nose awkwardly because im to tired to get up . . . its 11 am gimme a break!
:bulletpink: idunno whut to say man
:bulletblack: Cumcake did something to piss her off. probably streaking again *sigh* something happened in the birthing process of that man
:bulletwhite: looks more pissed to me. aw wellz. nothing really surprises her actually. she's seen it all....
:bulletred: reminds me off luffy :iconnwluffyplz:
:bulletorange: Rhythm has no fear .:icondramaticlookplz:
:bulletyellow: idunno what beret or whatever the hell that word is. the dictionary didnt really explain it clearly enough so i gave her a plank expression. it said something about loosing something... a loved one? its that depression?
:bulletgreen: Rhythm doesnt flirt. the guys come running to her without her even trying. no im serious some actually do. not her fault she's so damn smexy :iconzororaepfaceplz:
:bulletblue: *cough cough* familiar? [link]
:bulletpurple: :iconderpyhoovesplz: i think that shpuld be everyday rhythm
:bulletpink: idunno mon
:bulletblack: PONYTAIL POWER ACTIVATE! im serious, nothing really surprises rhythm. im just humoring you
:bulletwhite: she's a musician and a dancer, of course she's confident
:bulletred: . . . .
:bulletorange: lolz things arent going her way
:bulletyellow: watch out, tipsy rhythm on the loose! :iconzoloplz::iconsaysplz: we're doomed
:bulletgreen: she has more of a calm rage
:bulletblue: mh hm riiight
:bulletpurple: its funny, she really does make lifelike meme faces. like this one
:bulletpink: rhythm's sick?! TO THE LIQUAERE STORE!

That's Rhythm for ya. I was gunna do the lineart and only do the shading and facial colorings (blush and shit) but it took me 4 hours to sketch so i got lazy. im a lazy person and im proud
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August 7, 2012
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